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How did Half Steps get started?
Well, it started with my lifetime love affair with music and a couple used guitars.

Back in late 2007 I picked up some guitars that were in need of repair. Since guitars are a hobby of mine, they started as basic projects. I cleaned them up and got them into playable condition and realized they would just collect dust in my home. I decided to donate them to the local school district. I thought about how having access to these or any instruments and being introduced the wonders of music could effect someone's life. The idea of creating an organization to give a second life to used instruments was formed as I thought about the ability music has to change lives.

We filing in Texas in September 2010 as a nonprofit and in December 2011 we received the IRS approval as a 501(c)(3) organization.

The Half Steps locates or receives musical instrument donations and repairs and/or reconditions them. Some of the work may be performed by local vendors who have donated their time and expertise. Most of these instruments are then donated to other organizations that further the performing arts and/or education of music to less fortunate individuals. As the organization grows, future activities will include classes on proper repair and set up of instruments and fund raising clinics with local or national musicians

Thanks for helping us keep music alive!

Matt Ryburn

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